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How To Survive The Deep State's "Corona-Virus ​Crisis" And The Coming Martial Law In America 

"Former Political Insider Reveals How Martial Law ​Will Be ​

​Unleashed And Reveals How To Get Out Of Harm's Way
Before ​They Officially Pull The Trigger

March 20, 2020
Washington, D.C.

Dear Fellow Citizen,

A year ago I had what I thought was the best job in the world. I was a political advisor to a very powerful elected official in a pretty safe district.

I not only had an insider's perspective on how legislation ​got passed, I was even able to tweak laws to favor our constituents. I didn't think there was anything wrong with what I was doing, after all, we were elected by the people and they wanted us to deliver for them.

A few years back on a ​ cold, snowy January evening I was working late and ran across a report I probably never should have seen... the Army's Modernization Strategy report, which predicted ​the breakdown of society here in this country and detailed ​new conflicts that would arise in the future, both overseas and at home. 

An entire Command (NorthCom) had been created to deal with 'natural or man-made' emergencies too, consisting primarily of battle-hardened soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan who could "use some of the skills they acquired in the war zone" to deal with "civil unrest and crowd control" here... in the United States!

The More of The Report I Read...
 The Clearer It Became

"I had served in the military like millions of other American veterans, and my stomach turned at the thought of the military being used in a domestic capacity."

Listen, one of the first things you used to learn in boot camp is the Posse Comitatus Act, which was created 200 years ago to make sure the military was never used against the citizens. But, for all practical purposes, this law has now been completely negated through Executive Orders issued by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama(1).

The more of the report I read, the clearer it became that over many years the bureaucrats in Washington, Republican and Democrat alike - were carefully maneuvering for an eventual silent coup... one that would never make headlines but would result in the continued transfer of power from the American people to a secret group of ​deep state elite and powerful banking interests who already had everything ​imaginable... except total power.

​ Not too long after going through the report, I left my job and began making plans to prepare for what I saw as a martial law quarantines and "lock-downs" and perhaps even a long term military takeover.

That's when a friend of mine (who still worked and ran in these elite circles) asked me to take a look at ​a new manuscript​ he'd had "acquired". He said it was sending shock-waves through the establishment. He didn't say how he got it. He knew my private views well and ​ simply urged me to read it while I was still able.

I saw the list the government was compiling
 I knew who was at the top... 
 and I couldn't believe what I was reading!

I wondered how this advance copy came to be in my friend's hands, but ​knew enough not to ask. I was simply glad to have it... because in a clear and concise way it explained exactly what is happening behind the scenes and what ​ some deep state insiders want to happen.

​Even more importantly, the manuscript detailed precisely how the global elite and their families are preparing for dangerous times. (think luxurious private bunkers) 

Look, if you're thinking this is all just some B.S conspiracy hype, just consider for a moment some recent headlines:

  • California ​cops ​use Chinese night  drones​ during corona virus lock-down

  • ​Internet capacity ​to be RATIONED to prioritize ‘critical’ ​websites, experts reveal

  • Michigan Governor Doesn’t Rule Out Martial Law As Corona-virus Response

    Privacy could be the next victim of the corona-virus

    Train Carrying Military Equipment Derails At Alabama-Florida State Line

    Health care and consumer industry groups concerned about supply shortages during corona-virus pandemic

    US military approves 11 new corona-virus quarantine camps 

​In 2009, H.R.645 was introduced as part of a plan​ called for Homeland Security to build no fewer than 6 national facilities for holding civilians. Today, look for new versions to be passed. ​There is a plan in place for the suspension of ​Constitutional Rights of Americans in a crisis. This would depend on the gravity of the "emergency" of course. The plan includes "interning" certain segments of the population if such a national emergency like the Corona Crisis arises.

Almost daily you'll find headlines telling the same story... and these are in establishment publications! The manuscript I had received 'unofficially' has now been rewritten to avoid security issues and copyright problems. It's also been condensed to eliminate the fluff, tightly edited to deliver the more essential material and then finally republished with some very obvious ​"Constitutional" observations.

And now, I'm risking ​my own personal safety and security to share it with you. But be forewarned, "Understanding and Surviving Martial Law", is not for the faint-hearted, and may even shock and upset you. But that's not the purpose of the report.

Please, don't purchase this report if you are easily panicked. Also... the report shouldnt be viewed  ​as political or againt any branch of government or armed forces per ce. Rather, it's to be read "big picture" and seen as an expression of how governments in general react to crisis. 


This new manual "Understanding and Surviving Martial Law" has demonstrated to me at least, that the deep state i​s capable and willing to do very hard and harsh things if necessary. ​ Some in positions of power will use the opportunity ​to tighten their grip on freedoms. ​Watch for  new legislation that appears urgent and necessary in the "corona crisis" moment.  ​

I firmly believe that conditions in this country are going to deteriorate rapidly ​now that we have a real "event" ​and real crisis. Despite advice from well meaning friends, I felt I owed it to my fellow citizens who ​are scared and may forget the big picture with respect to our freedoms.

​But again, this information is only for the stout of heart, because what you will learn about may shake your ​understanding of how governments operate under pressure.

I had forgotten much of my history and was reminded of the history of many "dust bin" republics when reading Chapter One, "A Brief History of Tyranny," about how tyrants use crises to grab more power, always holding onto that power until it is taken from them by force. This happened with both Greece and Rome, and in our own time dictators on the right and left have taken power during times of economic crisis.

"The problem is that all the previous declarations of Martial Law will pale in comparison to what our rulers have planned very soon."

Will you be ready when
they ask for your papers?

Unfortunately, the framework for martial law has already been put in place by the last two administrations and now only needs a "trigger". Interestingly enough, this country has a long history of evoking martial law, all of which will make it easier to declare the next one. The problem is that all the previous declarations of Martial Law will pale in comparison to what our rulers have planned very soon! Here are some previous examples:

  • Martial Law was declared by General Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812
  • President Lincoln declared it again during the War Between the States, arresting anyone who dissented from his war-time policies, including newspaper editors and legislators!
  • In 1931, Texas Governor Ross used National Guard troops to enforce limits on the size of private property!
  • Much of the Pacific Coast was under martial law after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Even worse, our country already has a history of the domestic use of the armed forces without a declaration of martial law.

  • In 1871, President Grant sent troops into South Carolina to confiscate all private guns.
  • In 1914, President Wilson ordered the infantry into Colorado to disarm everyone involved in a labor union dispute, including members of law enforcement and the National Guard.
  • In 1993, the US Army provided advice, tactical support and military equipment to the FBI and the BATF to raid the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, TX, resulting in the deaths of 74 men, women and children

In the first 130 years of our country's history, federal troops were used more than 100 times without a declaration of martial law. The truth is that the unprecedented economic crisis afflicting the nation, along with ​divided political agendas and questionable ​motives for ​, any reason to pull the trigger. But trust me...

​Americans Are Not Prepared ​To Be Locked Down

You may already know all this history. However, "Understanding and Surviving Martial Law" is much more than a history lesson. It is packed with valuable practical information that will empower you not just to survive... but perhaps even thrive during the coming police state.

You'll discover:

  • The secret that is more important than guns, food or money.
  • Why you must act now... before it is too late.
  • What the most dangerous time in America will be... and why it will be too late for those who haven't prepared!
  • What group of conservative Americans will be the first to 'disappear' under Martial Law!
  • The endless supply of electricity available to you... even if the electrical grid is shutdown!
  • The "Five Martial Law Rules to Live By" that every survivor must memorize!

One of the most disturbing realizations you'll have with all 
 this new-found knowledge is 
 that most (but not all) types of resistance are completely futile.

The government agents implementing Martial Law know that they must find examples to make of any dissenters, in order to keep the masses cowed like sheep.

After all, some patriots in the government have already let it leak that local police organizations are aggressively recruiting US Marines still on active duty to leave the military and immediately become police officers... with little or no training.(2)

These Marines have been trained not to protect and serve but to kill quickly and efficiently. Let's face it, traditional armies are trained to dispatch enemies with vicious efficiency... and that's why local police have always been trained differently. Local police have traditionally been trained to protect and serve with respect for the rights of the citizens. But things have changed dramatically in this country. Those who understand this should pay special attention.

Reading through "Understanding and Surviving Martial Law," you'll discover:

  • What the most dangerous agency in the US is (you'll never guess!)
  • The nine most dangerous numbers in your life.
  • What the dreaded 'knock on the door' means for you... and your family.
  • How to cook food for your entire family... without gas or electricity... even if you live in a tiny apartment!
  • What the World War II phrase "loose lips sink ships" means to you and your family today.
  • The 15 essential supplies you MUST have to survive the coming police state... including one very unusual one that nine out of ten survivalists would never guess.

This is just a taste of what awaits you in just one chapter of "Understanding and Surviving Martial Law". In addition, you'll discover an entire new way of thinking, one inspired not by fear and anxiety, but calm confidence, knowing you have done all you can and at least have a shot. With the secrets found in Chapter 8 alone, you'll discover:

  • Secrets to use nature's bounty to stay healthy... even when government has total control over your health care
  • The one thing you can do today to make sure your family eats like royalty-regardless of how bad things get-instead of waiting in line for your FEMA ration card
  • How you can use the power of gravity to provide your family with an endless supply of pure drinking water!
  • How the government will manipulate economic conditions to bring about rationing and shortages-and what you can do about it!
  • The one natural supplement you really need in your pantry
  • Why these two numbers, "300" and "1", will save your life in an emergency!

What will the dreaded
 'knock on the door' 
 mean for you...
 and your family?

I can't list everything the new book reveals here, there is simply not enough room, but I suspect you already realize the times we're living in and that action is called for... you could spend the rest of your life researching things on the internet without stumbling across this stuff. There is no other book like this available anywhere, and if the globalists and their shameless enforcers have their way, it won't be available for long. They are already attempting to seize control of the Internet and shut sites like this down.

Pennsylvania Chapter of NAACP Urges Martial Law

"Homeland Security Report Leaks; Tax Protestors, Abortion Opponents Are Terrorist Suspects"

"44,000 UN Troops Train in US in operation Agile Provider"

"Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Warns of Martial Law if Bailout Not Approved"

"General Barry McCaffery Confirms Thousands of Foreign Troops Are in the US to Assist with Domestic Emergencies"

"Federal Government Collecting GPS Data on Every American Household"

H.R.645 and the New FEMA Concentration Camps

I feel so strongly about the value of this book and the urgency of getting the information to every patriot possible that I wrote the publisher and begged them to make this book available not just as a soft cover manual, but also in digital eBook form, so you can have a permanent copy. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they have agreed not only to include an eBook version of the book for download, but to include it at no additional cost!

"Understanding and Surviving Martial Law" i​s a great reference)​ plus the convenience of a downloadable eBook. Your cost is only $37.00 ​​

The global thugs 

 implementing Martial Law 
 know that they must 
 find examples to make 
 of any dissenters in 
 order to keep the masses 
 cowed like sheep.

There's Something More You Really Need Before The Lockdown Comes!

I was so excited about this book I emailed all my friends and told them to buy it, only to be shocked that some people simply won't take the time to sit down and read a book. You know the type... they're so busy they can't sit still for a minute, let alone the time it takes to digest a book of this importance.

So, the publisher has also decided to include an audio book version so that anyone can listen, in the car, on a train or plane... anywhere! The publisher wanted to sell the audio book separately for $29.00, but I convinced them to include it absolutely free as a download for a while to see if it helps people take action before it's too late. Even if you can't make the time to read a book, you can listen to every word in the privacy of your car or on your own iPod.

I have to be honest... there is one, little catch: This offer is only good until the publisher runs out of stock. This material is so explosive and dangerous to the agenda of the New World Order that most publishers simply refused to print it. If you order after the books are gone, you'll get an error message saying you waited too long.

Final ThoughtMost Americans are "sheeple" who truly display a herd mentality. Worst yet, most will do nothing and hope that evil will simply go away. (Most Jews in Germany did the same thing.) Decide today which course you will take.

For the absolute fastest service, order online by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button below. ​​People will literally freak out when all this really does come down and you'll see unprecedented panic and fear in the street. It will be the most grim time in American history. It's much easier to act when you have a clear mind, ahead of the herd.

Understanding And Surviving Martial Law

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